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At Tortolita we gather for the purpose of worshiping God, being community together, growing spiritually, and being sent out by Jesus to love and serve whoever He puts in our path! When you join us on a Sunday morning (9:30 a.m.) for worship in the Sanctuary, here are some things you can expect…
  • Comfortable, welcoming atmosphere
  • Worship gathering lasts about an hour and the first Sunday we celebrate Communion.
  • You may receive the communion elements but do not feel that you have to if this is not familiar to you. We share bread and grape juice for Communion. If you have questions about Communion or Baptism please feel free to talk with Pastor Jennifer about any of your questions.
  • Practical, thought-provoking messages based on the Bible that are relevant to your life
  • Worship music, both new and ancient songs, which lead you into deeper connections with Jesus
  • Space for talking and listening to the LORD through prayer
  • Engaging ways for children, youth and adults to worship together
  • Childcare during worship for 2nd Graders and younger
  • Sacred Space Table for kids who want to worship with the church family
Tortolita’s mission is to LOVE God and one another, GROW as followers of Jesus Christ, and SERVE whoever God puts in our path, all-the-while making and IMPACT in the community and the world with the love of Jesus for the sake of God’s kingdom. We hope you will be a part of what God is up to at Tortolita because we believe wholeheartedly that the LORD has a place for you at Tortolita and He has give you a kingdom purpose in this world!